Stronger Wimax 2+ Overthrows Older Versions With 10GB Speed Limit

Having a fast internet connection is not satisfying if it has a killjoy speed limit. In February this year, WiMax 3 GB speed limit is extended to 10 GB. This is a good news especially for heavy users who are mostly YouTube users or vloggers, avid online movie viewers, or gamers. What’s even better is that there are many Wimax 2+ cheap promos you can find on the internet. For more information, you may click this link wimax 激安


wimax 激安


It’s extended all day. Moreover, the speed limit is any time of the day, whenever you feel the need to browse. This feature is also viable to those who are working part time online jobs with clients or bosses from different time zones. Convenient, isn’t it?

It can access more YouTube videos without exceeding the speed limit. With other versions that have a 3 GB speed limit, a mere 20-30 minutes of streaming will already reach the cap in three days. Now, that’s just inefficient.

Wide coverage in Japan’s major cities. With a Wimax 2+ device, you’ll have no problems competing for internet connection. Availing a Wimax cheap device benefits you with greater range and consistent access points for users.

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